Interactive Impact Labs

too much data ··· too little sensemaking

Producing a reportful of words can start to feel like accomplishment. But there’s another feeling that sneakily creeps in behind, takes up residence, and slowly gains favor:
That all this was your end-goal.

But pages & pages leave room for paralysis.

Don’t lose sight that your real goal is to inspire.

Because a report
no one else reads
will never change
the world ···

You have a gazillion slides and a repository of PDFs that sit like trophies on the shelf. Like most foundations and large nonprofits, you can become deluged in data and thus, overwhelmed by the vast insights and reports at your fingertips.

Despite years of institutional experience, no one person knows what it all means or how to use it to improve your organization. Worse, you are missing the chance to advance the field.

Interactive Impact Labs helps social-sector organizations make meaning of their quantitative and qualitative data to develop a narrative that ···

We help you consolidate the institutional learnings that exist among various silos or that can get lost between grassroots staff and program owners.

The last few years have been a watershed moment for racial justice—making clear which organizations are allied for the long haul, and who is willing to building the internal infrastructure to transform old structures.

We can help arrange your data measurements around the indicators that will actually make a difference to your work.

A report on the shelf is inherently opaque; a wall of text and a mountain of charts only buries insights, not surfaces them.

Together we shape your narrative in a way that the public can engage with. Visually. With clarity. 

Stay tuned!
We’re currently doing some internal remodeling, and working on exciting new stuff!

What’s a better way to share
real learnings
that inspire people to
aspire to social justice?

We provide:

Performance dashboards

Evaluation & measurement

Strategic Learning & Assessment

built upon:

Data visualization

Digital storytelling

Iterative prototyping

User-centered design

Collaborative learning

Clear communication

Intersectional analysis

Theory of Change/Action

follow our
learnings ···

as we muse on the challenges of the digital world and the philanthropic sector.