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Founded in 2019 on 45 years of experience

We are interested in asking the bigger questions of philanthropy. We are interested in the challenges our society is facing, 20% into the new century. What we’ve learned over and over again is that data does not change the world if it doesn’t change our human understanding. We are interested in real impact and being able to bring more people to the table.

meet Tom

Tom Pyun is a strategist, master synthesizer, and storyteller who has advised leading private and corporate foundations and nonprofits so they can have a greater impact. Through collaboration with executive leadership, he has helped them synthesize their learnings into compelling narratives and derive meaning from their data ···

meet Ramzi

Ramzi dreams in pixels and has a passion for telling stories through data – particularly for educators and young people and social change agents in the non-profit world. He is attuned the potential for a larger public audience across the internet to take part in important learnings from the work of experts ···

At ii Labs, we value:

Transparency & accountability in grantmaking

In order to build greater trust in philanthropy and forge stronger partnerships, private philanthropy must become more transparent about their decisions and allocation of resources. Equally important, when institutions take missteps that they hold themselves accountable and learn from those mistakes. 

Racial & economic equity

Our society does not have a race problem, it has a racism problem. While we find ourselves in a watershed moment for leveling the playing field, we are keenly aware that white supremacy has had a 500-year headstart to establish roots.

A focus on vulnerable & marginalized populations

This idea has many names in many wisdom traditions, and we believe this tenet is true: the test of a civilization is the way that it cares for its most vulnerable.

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